Company Overview & History

CoreSmart Interactive, LLC provides Web Development, IT Professional Services and Custom Application Development Services targeted for small to mid-size businesses. CoreSmart was founded in 1999 as Burgess Consulting, a firm focusing on Custom Programming for in-house applications.

As the need for online information grew, CoreSmart anticipated the upcoming requirements of its clients and expanded its service offerings to include custom web-based applications as well as complete web site solutions.

Our Mission

At the core of every successful venture is winning relationship between a business and its key customers, employees, vendors, and business partners. CoreSmart Interactive builds and develops relationship driven™ e-business solutions.

CoreSmart wants to be your partner to

Members of our team have developed and implemented solutions for a wide array of clients including Fortune 500 organizations such as GE, American Express and Sprint. Local and regional accounts include Admiral Packaging, Kelly Waters, Inc., and Neu Solutions, LLC. See Clients Served for more information.